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Violet is Lost … Where Can She Get Found?
Meet Violet, a little girl who is different … some say she is special and has a gift. And Violet has a secret … she has lost her gift … the amazing imagination that has been a huge part of who she is. Can she find it?

Violet struggles as she tries to solve a problem… a problem that took her imagination with it.
Will she be able to solve her problem and reclaim her imagination too? Is there someone who can help?
Her old friend, Fluff the Owl, comes to the rescue and helps Violet find her way. Together, they journey through the Land of Who and rediscover the power of just being you.
Land of Who with Fluff the Owl is an entertaining adventure for children 4 to 8 along with an essential lesson—teaching them to value themselves and the unique gifts they possess.

Fluff Dream Owl Cover Nov '14Fluff the Dream Owl

Can children change scary dreams into fun and silly dreams?

Fluff the Dream Owl is the story of an adventurous boy and his magical dream owl as they team up and fly through scary dreams. Fluff teaches the boy to change his dreams through the power of imagination.

This book is based upon the true story of Quinn—a boy who overcame nighttime fears and nightmares with the help of his mom and a little owl named Fluff.

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Fluff the Dream Owl… Empowering children to take charge of their minds and imaginations.

This project was conceived and inspired by my son Quinn, who suffered from nightmares for a couple of years and was often scared to go to sleep at night because of them.

Dreams are just your mind

I worked with Quinn in order to help him understand how dreams are just his mind making up stories. We made it a point to talk about fun, silly, and happy things just before bed in order to help change the stories his mind told in his dreams. Knowing dreams were just his mind telling stories, and setting his mind up to dream about fun, silly, and happy things before bed, worked wonders and nightmares along with fears associated with going to sleep at night started to dwindle.

In walks a helper


Meanwhile, one day during art class, Quinn created a small owl who he named Fluff. A few nights later, Quinn told me how he wasn’t having scary dreams anymore because Fluff had magical powers and was helping him with his bad dreams.

4 things happened that enabled Quinn to overcome his fears and nightmares.

1. The realization that nothing in his dreams could hurt him enabled Quinn to calm down and lessened his anxiety level before going to sleep at night.

2. Quinn’s imagination became engaged and active in fantasies that were fun and interesting right before bed. 15 minutes before bed, we took turns making up colorful tales of fun and wonder and shared them with each other. This primed his brain and subconscious mind to dream of pleasant things.

3. Fluff, the owl that Quinn created in art class, became a super hero for him in a sense. He knew owls were wise and he created in his mind a belief that Fluff’s magical powers were making the bad dreams go away. Fluff’s presence comforted him.

4. Quinn began to have what are called ‘lucid dreams’. This is where a person realizes they are dreaming in the midst of a dream. Upon realizing he was dreaming, Quinn changed scary aspects and characters within his dreams and made them into fun and silly things instead.

Relief comes...

With the combination of Fluff’s help and mine, Quinn stopped having bad dreams within a few short weeks. Two years of being scared to go to bed at night had come to an end!! I was so relieved and grateful, that it only made sense to share what worked for us with other children.

As a parent, I know how helpless it feels when our children are scared to go to bed at night, for fear of what might happen in their dreams, or what may be lurking in the dark night of their rooms.

As a Registered Psychotherapist, Hypnotherapist, and Life Coach, I know the powerful role the mind plays in determining the quality of life that we experience. One of the things I do in my work with adults is to help them overcome fears and grow in confidence in certain aspects of their lives. One of the most effective tools to help clients accomplish these is the use of light hypnosis in order to help them access their imagination.

Powerful imaginations...

Children’s imaginations are powerful as we well know. Through age 7, children will spend most of their time in Alpha and Theta brainwave cycles, which is the same state that a person is in when they are in hypnosis or meditation. Because of this, children can be “programmed” and empowered to overcome fear and anxieties through the use of story and imagination.

015Our Hope...

It is our hope that Fluff the Dream Owl book along with the ‘Fluff the Dream Owl’ plush companion, will empower children (and their parents) to overcome nighttime fears associated with scary dreams.