We love making these little owls—the one pictured here my son made in Kindergarten and it gave rise to the inspiration behind the book we published, Fluff the Dream Owl.

What you need: (We use 2 ½ to 3 ½ inch tall pine cones)pine cone owl cones

• ponderosa pinecones—make sure they are slightly open so there is room to stuff cotton in
• 4 cotton balls for every pine cone.
• googly eyes
• pipe cleaners for the wings and beak. (We like to use brown for the beak and white/black striped for the wings, but any colors work!)
• Glue (liquid is best)
1. Shred cotton balls into very small pieces (each ball into 15 pieces or so). Stuff cotton pieces into each of the crevices of the pine cone until it is full. *Use back of small spoon to do this if pine cone has sharp points*

pine cone owl full2. Put glue on back of googly eyes and then place them onto pinecone.
3. Cut pipe cleaners pieces. 2 ½ inches for beak and 3 ½-4 inches for wings.

pine cone owl measure4. Beak…bend pipe cleaner almost in half (slightly off center is best as it looks cute if bottom of the beak sticks out a little more than the top.) Put glue on “v” end of beak and push inside pine cone a bit.

pine cone owl beak
5. Fold each wing in half and then twist ends together 2 or 3 times so they stay. Put glue on twisted end and push into pine cone. pine cone owl wing2That’s it, pretty simple. Suggest your child give their new friend a name. Enjoy!

fluff dream owl original