pinecone deerWhat you’ll need…

• Small or medium sized pine cone
• 3 ½ or 4 brown pipe cleaners
• Google eyes (you could also use small white paper circles)
• Red or pink pom pom (you could also used a crumpled up piece of construction paper)

How you make it…

1. First you need to make the reindeer’s legs. Wrap the ends of a brown pipe cleaner around each other to make a circle.
2. With the joint in the center, bend and squish the circle so that it’s flat. Basically you are just doubling up the pipe cleaner. Repeat steps 1 & 2 two more times to make the other set of reindeer legs and antlers. You should have 3 strips of “double” pipe cleaners with the joint in the middle.
3. The reindeer’s body is the pine cone placed sideways. The smallest end of the pine cone is the face. Wrap one pipe cleaner around the front end of the pine cone and another pipe cleaner around the back end of the pipe cleaner. Make sure you put the pipe cleaner joint in the pine cone (that way there’s no pokey ends sticking out).Bend the ends to make the feet.
4. To make the antlers wrap your last pipe cleaner around the front of the pine cone, sticking up from the top. Twist it like a twist tie at the top of the pine cone. Spread the antlers apart a bit.
5. Cut small lengths of pipe cleaner about 1″ long. Fold them in half
6. Glue the small pieces of pipe cleaner on the antlers.
7. Glue on your eyes and nose and your reindeer is complete!