Pine Cone Reindeer Craft Instructions

What you’ll need…

• Small or medium sized pine cone
• 3 ½ or 4 brown pipe cleaners
• Google eyes (you could also use small white paper circles)
• Red or pink pom pom (you could also used a crumpled up piece of construction paper)

How you make it…
1. First you need to make the reindeer’s legs. Wrap […]

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Download Free Gifts – Coloring Pages and Maze with Fluff the Dream Owl

Continue the adventures with Fluff the Dream Owl through these coloring pages and maze.

Pinecone Owl Craft- Adorable and Super Easy!!

We love making these little owls—the one pictured here my son made in Kindergarten and it gave rise to the inspiration behind the book we published, Fluff the Dream Owl.
What you need: (We use 2 ½ to 3 ½ inch tall pine cones)

• ponderosa pinecones—make sure they are slightly open so there is room […]

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8 Tips to Get Your Kids to Sleep

1. Have a consistent bedtime routine
Routines are important for children, especially when it comes to bedtime. Creating a routine before bed—such as taking a bath, playing relaxing music, and having story time, signals to your child that it is time to relax. Routines provide comfort and predictability for children, which sets the stage for […]

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Setting the Stage for Sweet Dreams

Dreams are an involuntary yet habitual response to emotions. Nightmares in children are often linked to their emotions (mood) prior to sleep. When a child is experiencing anxiety in the form of stress or worry, there is an increased likelihood that these feelings will manifest as a scary or unsettling dream.
A powerful way to […]

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Owls in folklore and mythology

In the story of mankind, owls have a long history inside folklore and mythology. These mysterious creatures have represented many things to different people throughout the ages, from symbols of wisdom to cures for blindness, and bringers of prophecy.

Here, I highlight some favorites…

The owl can see that which others cannot—the essence of true wisdom. […]

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Coping with your child’s nightmares

Nightmares as well as the anxieties and fears that accompany them can steal both children’s and parent’s rest. Coping with them effectively can mean better sleep for everyone involved.
Suggestions to cope with your child’s nightmares:
1)Young children have a hard time distinguishing between reality and fantasy and nightmares can terrify them. It’s important to acknowledge […]

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What causes nightmares?

No one knows exactly what causes nightmares. Dreams (nightmares included) seem to be one way children process thoughts and feelings about situations they face. Dreams can be a way for their mind to work through worries and concerns they have. In general, nightmares are part of a child’s normal development.
Often times, nightmares are the […]

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Lucid Dreaming

Have you ever had a dream where you knew you were dreaming? This unusual state of consciousness is called lucid dreaming.
Lucid dreaming means dreaming while knowing that you are dreaming. Lucid dreaming has long been a topic of interest in dream research. The term “lucid dreaming” was coined by Frederick van Eeden in 1911, […]

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Nightmares vs. Night Terrors

What is the difference between a Nightmare and a Night Terror?
Nightmares tend to happen in the later part of a night’s sleep (typically in the early morning hours). Children wake up from nightmares feeling upset, afraid, and unsettled—and they respond to comfort from a parent or caregiver.
Children may be reluctant to go back to […]

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