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I love this book. Not only does it show your kids to not be afraid of their dreams but also how to manipulate them and conquer your fears in them. Powerful stuff for a kids book but done is such a fun way that they kids get into it. Anticipate, “What am I going to dream about tonight? Anything’s possible, and I’m not afraid of it.” The other thing I love is it helps teach your kids to be imaginative. Don’t take the world or your dreams as they are; make them what you want. -Dylan Burr

“Fluff the Dream Owl is a completely and wonderfully delightful book! What a fantastic tool to help children overcome nightmares. I have always been a firm believer that if we can find faith that something will work, it ultimately will. This books demonstrates in every possible way that if you give a child faith in themselves, they can indeed overcome those things which haunt their mind. Simply beautiful!” Kristine Brown,

“What a great book! My kids love the story and the animation! They wake up talking about changing their dreams. Very exciting and fun to see them enjoying this!”                   –Zander Lens

“This book is very special. An entertaining story with a wonderful message. Beautifully illustrated.”  -Sandy Thompson

“I just want to say thank you for bringing Fluff into our lives. My daughter Isabella is almost 6 years old and suffers with severe anxiety and that really impacts her ability to sleep and leads to frequent nightmares. Bedtime is a nightmare in itself in our home, but since Fluff has come to stay, things have improved significantly. The nightmares have decreased and she is not as afraid to go to bed at night as long as Fluff is with her. As a Momma, it has decreased my stress and it has made our bedtime routine so much shorter. Isabella loves Fluff and he has been life changing for her. Thank You.”          -Brett Dunlap

“Fluff the Dream Owl is an uplifting story, which is full of so much life, imagination, and positivity. It touches the lives of all who read it, especially since so many of us can have a deep connection to it. This story creates a strong message of hope, change, and faith.

When I read this book to my 24 second graders, they fell in love with it! They could all identify and connect to the author’s message. I highly recommend this book for other teachers to read to their students. Your students will fall in love with the book and ‘Fluff the Owl’! -Kelly Morken, Second Grade Teacher

Meeker Mayokun

“My favorite part of, Fluff the Dream Owl, is when Fluff comes to life.” Mayokun, age 7

“What an awesome project. A heart-warming story.” (KOA Radio, Denver, CO)

“I am crying tears of joy as I write this. Fluff the Dream Owl is an amazing and inspiring book. I am so proud of Anne and Quinn! The message that your dreams are only stories and that you can change them is a great one! The other takeaway is the power of positive thinking.”

I had to give this book 5 stars because of the message, the great writing and the beautiful illustrations.Thanks Anne and Quinn for this wonderful gift!” –Stephanie Miller

Fluff the Dream Owl book and stuffed Fluff are amazing! What a wonderful celebration of love and hard work.”
-Sarah Glover

Meeker Adam 8

“Fluff the Owl is so fun!! I love when Quinn gives the owl to his little brother.” Adam, age 8

Meeker Adams000000000000000000000000000000

“I really like your book, Fluff the Dream Owl. My favorite part of your book is when the monsters turned into candy.” Adams, age 8

Meeker Annika 2

“I love your book, Fluff the Dream Owl, very much. I especially love that the monsters are candy. Your book is awesome!” Annika, age 8

Meeker Claire 8

“I love Fluff the Owl! I love how he comes to life. That is so awesome!” Claire, age 8

Meeker Connor 7

“I really like your book, Fluff the Dream Owl. It was so awesome when the monsters turned into candy! You are awesome.” Connor, age 7

Meeker Ellian

“I love the book, Fluff the Dream Owl. I think Quinn is a great author. My favorite part is when all of the monsters turn into candy. Fluff is so cute.” Ellian, age 7

Meeker Owyn

“I like how the monsters in the book look funny and goofy. I like Fluff the Owl.” -Owyn, age 7


“I hope you two can visit my school some day. I like when Fluff came to life. It is so awesome that you made the monsters candy monsters!” Manas, 7 years old


Meeker Hailey 7

“My favorite part of, Fluff the Dream Owl, is when the owl comes to life.” Hailey, age 7

Meeker Jaileesia

“I really like the ending of your book, Fluff the Dream Owl. I also really like all of the illustrations.” -Jaileesia, age 8

Meeker Malory

“I really like your book. My favorite part is when the mom brings out the sparkly treasure box and then Fluff is in it! Good luck on your next book.” Mallory, 8 years old

Meeker Nadia 8

“I want to tell you that your book, Fluff the Dream Owl, is really interesting and fun. I really like it when Fluff comes alive in the dream and turned the monsters into candy.” Nadia, age 8

Meeker Nola

“Your book is amazing! My favorite is when Fluff showed up in the dream and turned the monsters into gum drops.” Nola, age 8



Meeker Harrison

“I am a very big fan of your book, Fluff the Dream Owl. My favorite is when Quinn gives Fluff to his little brother. I love your book.” Harrison, age 8

Meeker Brooke

“My favorite part of, Fluff the Dream Owl, is when Fluff helped your monsters turn into candy; like cupcakes, gummy bears, and gum balls. I love your imagination! I used to have bad dreams but I don’t anymore.” Brooke, 2nd grade

Meeker Khady

“It is amazing that Quinn wrote a book when he was 6 years old. It is really cool that you made the monsters turn into candy monsters. ” Khady, age 7

Meeker Logan 8

“I like when the boy gives his stuffed owl to his little brother.” Logan, age 7